Set the Perfect Mood for Valentine’s Day with Lighting Control

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The Latest Smart Lighting Creates the Perfect Setting for Every Occasion

One of our favorite holidays at mero CONCEPTS is fast approaching—Valentine’s Day! While we all try to share our affection and appreciation for those we hold dear, it’s always nice to receive a little nudge, a reminder that life is more precious thanks to those we love. 

So, in honor of cupid, the little cherub that has been playing matchmaker for over 2,700 years, we’re dedicating this blog to the day of love and sharing tips on inspiring a little romance. That includes the latest options in lighting control that can turn a room from drab to brilliant as well as some playlists created just for you.

Let’s explore how to set the right mood for Valentine’s Day in your Austin, TX, home and make this one for the history books. 

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The Right Lighting

At mero CONCEPTS, our goal is to enhance our clients’ everyday lives, making their lives simpler, safer, and more enjoyable. One of our partners, Lutron, helps us accomplish all three. Their lighting control systems replace switches with elegant, custom-engraved, in-wall keypads that set the mood for any activity. With the help of their dynamic full-spectrum LED lighting, that translates to millions of colors with one touch of a button. 

For example, press the “Date Night” button, and the lights in the dining area transform to golden candlelight. At the same time, the living room lights settle into the hues of the Caribbean Sea. In the bedroom, the romantic colors of rose red and silver shimmer throughout the room, and the bathroom glows in lavender. As you can see, you’re only limited by your imagination!

A Healthier Home

For those who want to create a beautiful and healthier environment simultaneously, Lutron’s human-centric lighting offers lights that mirror the changing color of daylight. Wake to lights that resemble the rising sun and watch them brighten to blue-toned hues midday. When evening falls, they take on a romantic and relaxing amber glow. This lighting helps align your circadian rhythm, the internal clock that increases your energy during the day and promotes relaxation in the evening.    

The Right Songs

We can also program these keypads to control multiple systems at one time, including motorized shades and whole-home audio. For instance, the "Date Night" button can lower the shades and stream the In Love playlist created by our founder, Marc Oliveri. Instill a romantic mood with songs like A Thousand Years by Christina Perri and John Legend’s All of Me.

Of course, not every Valentine’s Day is filled with roses and chocolate candies. For those Anti-Valentine Day celebrators, we have the Heart Broken playlist that reminds you you’re not alone with songs like Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran and Coldplay’s The Scientist. And, remember, humor is the best cushion for a hard fall. As Mae West said, “All discarded lovers should be given a second chance, but with somebody else.”

At mero CONCEPTS, we provide the latest technology that’s easy to use and creates a healthier, more beautiful home. To learn about the latest lighting control or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact mero CONCEPTS today. 

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