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Here’s the Exact Moment You Should Start Working With a Technology Professional

Here’s the Exact Moment You Should Start Working With a Technology Professional

Control4 is one of the top players in the smart home system market. With a Control4 system, you can integrate your lighting, security, audio, video, home theater, and more into one centralized hub. The brand’s technology allows you to control and automate these systems through an app, universal remote, touchscreens, and voice commands — making your Austin home effortless to manage.

In this blog, we’ll cover some Control4 Smart Home OS 3 features you can incorporate into your Texas home. 

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OS 3 is Control4’s newest operating system, and it provides unmatched personalization. Do you have frequently used rooms — like your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and office? You can set them as “favorites” so you can quickly swipe between them on your Control4 app on your smartphone. Within each room, you can control features like lighting and what music and video to play.

Rooms aren’t the only things you can set as favorites. You can make your most frequently used platforms and devices — like Spotify, your thermostat, or your front door camera — favorites, and they’ll pop up as icons on your main “dashboard” screen. You can just easily tap one of your favorites to make whatever adjustments you want, whether it’s choosing a new song or seeing who’s at your front door. The design of OS 3 aims to be intuitive, so you can use easy hold-and-drag features to move around your favorites, just like you would do to arrange apps on your phone.

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