Create a Vacation-Like Setting in Your Home Every Day of the Year

A backyard with a Seura outdoor TV at the end of the pool and two beers, a bowl of shrimp, and red sauce by the hot tub.

Enjoy More Staycations with a Custom Home Automation Company

In our decade of helping clients experience effortless living, we’ve come across many people that travel the world. From skiing in St. Moritz to diving in the Maldives, they’ve experienced some of the most beautiful places on the planet. However, one thing is commonly said upon their return: "I’m glad to be back home.” 

Home calls to us no matter where we roam because it’s a place of comfort and security. As a home automation company serving Austin, TX, and the surrounding Hill Country, it's our job to set your home up so it feels like a vacation home. You may find you're traveling a little less and enjoying those staycations a little more once you have the right smart home solutions.

Let’s explore how you can experience the luxury of a vacation home every day of the year in our blog below! 

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Relax & Enjoy

One of the best attributes of a vacation is the feeling of total relaxation. Your cares melt away as you take in the beauty that surrounds you. Home automation offers this same sense of peace, tranquility, and wonder. At mero CONCEPTS, each of our projects is custom-designed and created with the homeowner’s lifestyle and dreams in mind. 

In addition to one-touch control of your home’s lighting, climate, shades, entertainment, security, pool and spa, and more, we also program your home to prepare itself for you in advance. For some, that means waking to shades that rise with the sun’s first light, ambient nature sounds drifting through in-ceiling speakers, and lights throughout your living spaces brightening gradually to the golden hue of sunrise. 

For others, it translates to waking up to their “Rise ‘n’ Shine!” playlist, hearing Coldplay’s Viva La Vida stream through their home via high-fidelity speakers as they make their way to their patio and the preheated spa.

A Home That Welcomes You

Your smart home knows when you pull into the driveway and it’s dark outside. At the end of a long day, it welcomes you with beautiful landscape lights that blanket the property in safety and entryway lights that greet you. When you open the door, a “Relaxing” playlist softly streams through your home, and the lights settle into a soft amber glow.

The Experience

It's Friday night, and some friends are coming over for genuine Texas barbeque and a movie night under the stars. You tap the ‘Entertainment’ button on a custom-engraved keypad, and your home and patio lights settle into a golden candlelight glow while outdoor lights take on the colors of the Caribbean Sea. At the same time, the tiki torches and outdoor firepit ignite, and your 'Party' playlist fills the air.

When it’s time for bed, press the “Good Night” icon on your bedside touchscreen, and the shades lower, the lights dim, the doors lock, and the security arms itself.

At mero CONCEPTS, we specialize in custom home automation and entertainment. From home theaters that deliver the immersive cinematic experience to outdoor entertainment areas that offer surround sound and brilliant images, if you can dream it, we can do it. To learn more or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact mero CONCEPTS today.

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