Your home is more than a space to lay your head down at night; it reflects your interests and how you choose to live. As an HTA (Home Technology Association) certified integrator, we understand the desires of homeowners just like you for uncomplicated home automation. 

Working with our smart home designer team, we bring you more than the conveniences. We believe technology should be personalized to your needs and enhance your lifestyle. Imagine setting the perfect comfort level, from temperature and lighting to entertainment with the touch of a button or your voice. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities we can bring to your Dripping Springs, TX home? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Complete Control 

More than a collection of devices, your home is a personal ecosystem that sustains, entertains, and protects you. Whether it is managing the operation of essential systems to furnishing a means to decompress from the day, a Mero Concepts system caters to your needs and desires. 

Lighting and temperature are two often overlooked components; the truth is if either one is lacking, your home feels unwelcoming and can drag you down. We work with you to install illumination that lights your way, adds focus during the day, and balances your circadian rhythms. If a room is too cold or humid, it is easy to lose motivation; an integrated network of sensors creates a consistent atmosphere throughout the home. 

Entertainment is a key element in a modern house, providing inspiration and solace in a chaotic world. From the cinematic thrill of a home theater or the ability of whole home music to raise your spirits, you should not have to settle for lesser quality. Experience it all in stunning high-definition and audiophile quality. 

A Better Voice Control 

While we take great pains to ensure our touch screen and keypad interfaces are intuitive and straightforward to use, simply speaking is often more convenient. Voice control allows you to change the lights without having to lift your hands out of the dough or unlock the front door for your kids while carrying groceries. 

Over-the-counter products like smart speakers allow you some measure of home control, but they require awkward phrasing and are renowned for requiring several requests to complete an action. You want a more sophisticated and reliable audio interface that brings the voice control dreams of science fiction writers to life. is different; it combines artificial intelligence and highly attuned discrete microphones to understand natural speech patterns easily. Regardless of the room you are in, simply say ‘Josh, dim the lights to 50%’ or ‘set the temperature to my preference.’ 

Using a control system is an intimate experience; the platform knows your likes and regular schedules, and there should not be a need to share this information with anyone else. Unlike so-called ‘smart speakers,’ values your privacy, never sharing what you do with potential advertisers or marketers. 


Are you looking to create a home more suited to the way you live? Call us today at 512-375-3379 or fill out our contact form for a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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