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Control4 vs. Off-the-Shelf Smart Technology

Control4 vs. Off-the-Shelf Smart Technology

If you’ve read up on smart home technology, you may have come across conflicting suggestions and advice. Many people recommend a DIY approach with smart devices like the Nest thermostat, Ring video doorbell, and Phillips Hue lightbulbs. But most technology experts, including ourselves, consider these approaches to home automation weaker than a system like Control4’s OS 3. But why?

As a Control4 dealer in Austin, TX, we’ll shed some light on what makes Control4 many steps ahead of off-the-shelf gadgets. Continue reading to see how a smart home system will enhance your daily life.

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One Press of a Button

As more household objects become smart—from coffee pots to lighting fixtures— you’ll spot more smart gadgets in stores like Best Buy. You can bring home a smart speaker or a Ring doorbell and quickly plug-and-play. But the thrill of your new devices fades when you have to juggle different apps for every subsystem in your home. You won’t have an integrated home, but rather a disjointed experience that’s mildly inconvenient for you and completely inaccessible to visitors.

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