Where & Why You Should Use Home Lighting Control

Where & Why You Should Use Home Lighting Control

There’s no denying lighting control is entertaining. By connecting your lighting fixtures to a smart home system, you’ll be able to turn on every light from your tablet or smartphone. Watch your entire house light up in one touch of a button or use a voice-activated speaker to command your lights with just a phrase.

But home lighting control offers more than just a fun party trick. Smart lighting connected to a system like Savant or Control4 can provide unique benefits to each area of your home. Continue reading to see where and why you should be using lighting control in your West Lake Hills, TX, home.

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Your home’s landscape lighting is much more impressive and useful when you go beyond an on/off switch. Through your Control4 or Savant app, you can create scenes specific for each time of day and schedule when they will activate. At twilight, the pathway lights will turn on at your entrance, and by sundown, all exterior lights will flick on and illuminate your outside areas. Then by the time you go to sleep, lights will conveniently turn off to save energy, or some can stay on till sunrise for security. If you incorporate color tuning in your lighting system, you can also play with colors, basking your walls in bright whites, blues, greens, reds, and more for festive fun.

Living Room

The way you light your living room should depend on the time of day and what activities you’re enjoying. A tunable lighting system allows us to adjust the brightness and temperature of lightbulbs. So, during the daytime, schedule your lights for a cool, bright appearance that will energize your mind and feel more comfortable than dim, warm lights. In the evening, your lamps and overhead lights can shift to warmer hues for a softer, cozier atmosphere. You can also create scenes to set the mood, whether it’s movie time or a reading session. Select the scene and watch each light dim, turn off, or adjust its color. 

Learn how to set scenes for your lights in our tutorial here:

If you’re hosting a dinner party, you won’t want bright blue-white lights beaming down on you while you eat. Like at most restaurants, we feel our best eating when lights are subdued and amber-hued. From your app or control panel, you can set dining room lights for the perfect mealtime ambience. During the day, if you’re working on a project at the table, lights can be set to higher brightness and intensity for better visibility.

Home Office

To get your best work done, you may want to keep the home office a little brighter than the rest of the house. Your study’s lights can still shift to a warmer afternoon tone as the day goes on, reducing your likeliness of headaches or irritability. If you leave the home office unoccupied for a long stretch of time, a motion sensor will tell your system to turn off the lights. Once you walk back in the door, lights will snap back on to the correct setting.


As the night goes on, your bedroom lights can instinctively transform and change to ready your mind for sleep. It’s especially important in the bedroom to use smart lighting at multiple levels, and not just table lamps or ceiling lights. This way, as the night goes on, overhead lights can turn off and leave bedside lights on for reading, bright enough to see but a warmer glow to prepare your eyes and mind for sleep.  


Ready to bring lighting control to your home? If you’re in the West Lake Hills, TX area, mero CONCEPTS’ team of smart home integrators can help. You can contact us at (512) 375-3379 or through our online form. We’ll be in touch soon!

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