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Bring the Party Outside with an Outdoor Entertainment System

Upgrade Your Outdoor Audio with Smart Home Technology

Bring the Party Outside with an Outdoor Entertainment System

Hosting parties and get-togethers is the surest way to gather friends and family under one roof. There are perks to hosting, like choosing the music and dinner cuisine. But planning a party can be stressful too. Setting up beforehand can be a tiring endeavor, and you’ll want to ensure everyone is having a good time. 

But with an outdoor entertainment system added to your backyard, parties will practically assemble themselves (well, you still need to invite everyone and serve food). With durable, weatherproof speakers from Coastal Source integrated with a smart control system, it will be easier than ever to make sure everyone’s having a blast. 

Keep reading to see all the benefits outdoor audio can have in your Austin, Texas area home! 

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Stay Outdoors All Year 

How do you currently enjoy music outdoors? You might carry a stereo outside from indoors and plug it in by the house or place a wireless speaker by the grill. But with only one speaker, friends and family at other sides of the yard won’t be able to hear the tunes you’ve chosen. To lug more than one speaker outside will be a pain, too. Speakers and wiring designed for indoor use are not a good idea with Austin’s heat and rain either.

Luckily, Coastal Source, a high-end outdoor lighting and speaker company, produces high-fidelity, weather-resistant speakers built to blend into your landscaping. Defiant to rain, heat, snow, dirt, and salt, you Coastal Source speakers are designed for the outdoor elements. For powerful, full-range sound, choose the 3-way or 2-way Ellipse Bollards, along with their mini Ellipse Bollards for clean sound in a smaller size. To add deep bass notes, your backyard parties can enjoy vibrations from the Bollard Subwoofer in above-ground or in-ground applications. If you dislike the appearance of technology in your yard or garden, opt for the 3” bullet speakers or inconspicuous rock-shaped speakers

Simple Control & Connection  

Ready to bring your audio to the next level? With a Savant or Control4 home automation system, you can sync your speakers for effortless control through your phone, tablet, or voice speaker. Change the song, raise the volume, or turn off every speaker at the same time in one swipe. Connect your outdoor speakers to indoor audio, so even as guests walk inside, they’ll still enjoy the party. Through Savant, your audio can be managed alongside lighting, the pool, jacuzzi, security, and more, so set-up can be done in a matter of swipes or voice commands. 

Is it time to upgrade your outdoor audio? mero CONCEPTS, Austin’s Coastal Source and smart home provider, is here to help. Call us at (512) 375-3379 or fill out our online form here