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Get Complete Coverage With A Smart Home Security System


Protect Your Home From Burglary, Water Damage, And Fire 

A home should be a sanctuary, the one place where you can truly be yourself. Protecting your property and your family is a paramount responsibility. With integrated home security systems, you rest assured that every aspect of your house is safe. 

Comprehensive coverage begins with a system designed to meet your specific needs; cookie-cutter packages leave you exposed where it matters most. We partner with premier names in home security systems to furnish you with sensors and proactive management tools that prevent damage or loss of your possessions and a sense of comfort. 

A security and alarm system from Mero Concepts works to detect, deter, and de-escalate situations in and around your Austin, TX home. Continue reading below to learn more. 

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The use of security cameras is a powerful tool for detecting potential issues. The units, mounted along the property perimeter, by the driveway, at main entry points, and even the video doorbells allow you to immediately identify who is on your property. 

All-weather housings, lensing options, and advanced night vision technology mean you see everything regardless of outdoor conditions. In addition, the high-definition DVR units ensure the recordings are detailed and precise in the case of an event. When combined with traditional intrusion alarms, you will always be in the know. 

Sensors Save

Fire is the single most destructive event in any residential environment. Most fires start because of faulty wiring, stove-top accidents, candles, and standalone heaters. So, installing an accurate smoke and heat detector network provides the earliest warning. The sooner you are aware; the more likely your family will come out unscathed. 

The damage from cracked pipes, broken connections, and leaky HVAC systems is insidious- as well. Often the damage goes unnoticed for days or weeks, allowing hazardous mold and mildew to spread, which causes structural problems and health issues. Moisture sensors alert you to trouble before it gets out of hand and is costly. 

Home Management 

Your security system goes beyond providing intrusion alerts or protecting your investment. The sophisticated interfaces and controllers make your home more comfortable, from scheduling lawn irrigation to saving on energy costs. 

Auto-sensing lights guide your way at night, giving you the ability to avoid easily spotted obstacles in daylight. Smart door locks automatically open as you approach with bags in hand, making the transition into the house simple and convenient. 

Keep your home at the perfect temperature by setting the thermostat with the app or based on the time of day. Motorized shades raise and lower to manage the right mix of natural light and warmth, ensuring your rooms are always welcoming, never stuffy.

Upgrade Today

Are you looking to upgrade the security and management of your home? Call us today at 512-375-3379 or fill out our contact form for a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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Explore Control4’s Smart Home OS 3 Features
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