A Strong Network Equals a Smart Home

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Learn Why Strong & Reliable Networking Solutions Are Essential to an Efficient Smart Home

We live in a mobile, interconnected world alongside hundreds of smart devices engineered to simplify and enhance our lives. That is, of course, assuming they were installed, integrated, and automated by a professional. 

At mero CONCEPTS, we install the latest networking solutions for homeowners in Dripping Springs, TX, allowing each device in their smart home to stay connected and work just as it should. But there is a lot to consider when updating or upgrading your network. Some devices must be hardwired, while others derive their value and efficiency from a wireless connection. 

Read on to learn more about the best networking solutions available and how both wired and wireless devices come together to create the ultimate smart home. 

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To Wire, or Not to Wire; That Is the Question

Automating a smart home is complicated and better left to a professional installer, who will know exactly which devices to wire and which not to. As a rule of thumb, hardwiring works best for stationary devices like routers, media servers, and security equipment that should remain connected 24/7. It is important to note that many of today’s smart devices use Power over Ethernet technology, allowing for a simple connection through an ethernet cable and bypassing the need for an electric outlet. Wireless devices, on the other hand, are all about versatility. 

Whole-home audio perfectly illustrates the integration of hardwired and wireless devices into a single system. First, you need a router connected directly to the internet and hardwired to both media servers and WiFi access points. These devices will stream music across your home to wireless in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers, all of which you can control remotely from the convenience of a smartphone or touch interface. 

Who Doesn’t Love a Strong, Reliable Network?

There is a lot more you can do with just a tap when the right networking solutions are powering your smart home. For example, why not set the shades to roll down, the lights to dim, and the movie to start playing on your new Ultra HD projector screen and surround sound system? 

What about creating a dreamlike outdoor space with a 24/7 connection, which, thanks to strategically placed WiFi access points, can incorporate even the farthest reaches of your backyard?

From reviewing surveillance footage and accessing video doorbells remotely to managing AV across multiple rooms and outdoor spaces, a strong, reliable network is essential to any efficient smart home. Contact us today so we can better connect, integrate, and optimize your place!

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