Where & Why You Should Use Home Lighting Control

Where & Why You Should Use Home Lighting Control

There’s no denying lighting control is entertaining. By connecting your lighting fixtures to a smart home system, you’ll be able to turn on every light from your tablet or smartphone. Watch your entire house light up in one touch of a button or use a voice-activated speaker to command your lights with just a phrase.

But home lighting control offers more than just a fun party trick. Smart lighting connected to a system like Savant or Control4 can provide unique benefits to each area of your home. Continue reading to see where and why you should be using lighting control in your West Lake Hills, TX, home.

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Your home’s landscape lighting is much more impressive and useful when you go beyond an on/off switch. Through your Control4 or Savant app, you can create scenes specific for each time of day and schedule when they will activate. At twilight, the pathway lights will turn on at your entrance, and by sundown, all exterior lights will flick on and illuminate your outside areas. Then by the time you go to sleep, lights will conveniently turn off to save energy, or some can stay on till sunrise for security. If you incorporate color tuning in your lighting system, you can also play with colors, basking your walls in bright whites, blues, greens, reds, and more for festive fun.

Living Room

The way you light your living room should depend on the time of day and what activities you’re enjoying. A tunable lighting system allows us to adjust the brightness and temperature of lightbulbs. So, during the daytime, schedule your lights for a cool, bright appearance that will energize your mind and feel more comfortable than dim, warm lights. In the evening, your lamps and overhead lights can shift to warmer hues for a softer, cozier atmosphere. You can also create scenes to set the mood, whether it’s movie time or a reading session. Select the scene and watch each light dim, turn off, or adjust its color. 

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Why You Should Hire a Home Automation Installer

Why You Should Hire a Home Automation Installer

If you’d like to automate your home’s lights, security, audio, and more into one system, you may be wondering—can I install this myself? As smart home technology grows in popularity, we’ve seen more plug-and-play products pop up in stores. But will you be able to achieve the functionality and seamless integration you desire on your own?

You may be quite handy, but there are several things to consider before attempting DIY home automation. To see if you could benefit from working with a home automation installer in your Austin, TX house, consider the points below.

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Wiring & Safety

If you’re only planning to use a single, stand-alone device like a Nest thermostat, you can probably install that yourself. However, it’s much more complex when integrating multiple smart home systems like smart lights, alarms, multi-room audio, etc. For a clean aesthetic, you’ll want a professional to wire your system so that it functions reliably. Unless you’re qualified, it isn’t safe to wire a system yourself, so be sure to partner with an installer for help.

Home Security

Smart security is one of the most useful features of home automation. From automatic locks to surveillance cameras and alarms, you can protect your home even when you’re away. If you’re fitting a door entry system, this is not an area for cost-cutting. You won’t want to accidentally have a fatal flaw in a security system, and a professional will know how to avoid that.

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Spend More Time in Fresh Air with Outdoor Audio Video

Spend More Time in Fresh Air with Outdoor Audio Video

We spend a lot of our time indoors. Many of us work in front of computer screens under fluorescent lights, only to return home to our living rooms and TVs. But exposure to fresh air and nature has been proven to lower stress, reduce inflammation, and lessen fatigue. Enjoying time outdoors has also proven to lower anxiety and supplement treatments of depression.

While you may want to spend more time in the sun, that doesn’t mean you need to skip watching a Longhorns game or cancel dinner plans to go on a hike. Now that central Texas weather is finally cooler than 90 degrees, why not take your entertainment outdoors?

Outdoor audio video solutions allow you to share music and watch your favorite shows with weatherproof technology. If you’d like to swap your living room for the patio in your Tarrytown house, continue reading to learn how below.  

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Adding Outdoor Speakers  

Just like with an indoor multi-room audio system, your outdoor speakers can synchronize to play the same music across your yard, and even connect to the music playing indoors. You’ll need a receiver or distribution amplifier to power speakers and connect them to your audio sources. Stereo setups sometime don’t sound great in a large property because speakers may be spaced too widely, so you may want speakers that play both left and right channels in one. Use stereo-input speakers with both left and right connections, or amps that combine both to send mono signals to standard speakers. Cables to your outdoor devices can be buried below-ground for a clean landscape appearance but are best run through a hard-plastic conduit to protect from animals and accidental damage from garden tools.

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The Food’s Great—How’s Your Audio? Why Your Restaurant’s AV Matters

The Food’s Great—How’s Your Audio? Why Your Restaurant’s AV Matters

We all remember a time we visited a coffee shop, bar, or restaurant where the audio or visuals were noticeably lacking. There’s the classic scenario: straining to hear what your family says during dinner because of the booming speakers overhead. You might ask to move tables, only to find that the sound is no better by the windows.

Or perhaps you’ve faced the opposite dilemma: walking into a café that is so quiet, all you can hear is the baristas talking about your order and the microwave beeping. Feeling awkward, you might decide to take your meal to-go.

Even if the dishes are superb, guests will bring home the memory of your restaurant’s experience. So, if they stopped in your bar to watch the game and can’t see the screen—or if they hoped to hear live music, but the sound was distorted—it will leave a bad taste in their mouths.

What will visitors take away from your restaurant? To learn more about what a restaurant AV installation can offer your Lakeway, TX eatery, continue reading our points below.

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