Your home is more than a space to lay your head down at night; it reflects your interests and how you choose to live. As an HTA (Home Technology Association) certified integrator, we understand the desires of homeowners just like you for uncomplicated home automation. 

Working with our smart home designer team, we bring you more than the conveniences. We believe technology should be personalized to your needs and enhance your lifestyle. Imagine setting the perfect comfort level, from temperature and lighting to entertainment with the touch of a button or your voice. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities we can bring to your Dripping Springs, TX home? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Get Complete Coverage With A Smart Home Security System


Protect Your Home From Burglary, Water Damage, And Fire 

A home should be a sanctuary, the one place where you can truly be yourself. Protecting your property and your family is a paramount responsibility. With integrated home security systems, you rest assured that every aspect of your house is safe. 

Comprehensive coverage begins with a system designed to meet your specific needs; cookie-cutter packages leave you exposed where it matters most. We partner with premier names in home security systems to furnish you with sensors and proactive management tools that prevent damage or loss of your possessions and a sense of comfort. 

A security and alarm system from Mero Concepts works to detect, deter, and de-escalate situations in and around your Austin, TX home. Continue reading below to learn more. 

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The Smarter the Home, The More Reason to Hire a Professional

The Smarter the Home, The More Reason to Hire a Professional

Getting started in smart home automation with a few smart devices, like an Amazon Alexa speaker or a video doorbell, is an easy enough endeavor. But that isn’t really a smart home, is it? A true smart home incorporates many systems that work together automatically. We may not be able to have our homes cook for us, pick out our clothes, or clean for us as it was depicted in The Jetsons (yet). But your home can play music, turn on lights, lock doors, and lower blinds automatically or when told to, controlled by the same smart system.

So if you’re planning on building a smart home system, at what point should you bring in a professional home automation installer? Continue reading to see how a professional can bring your Austin, TX home into the future.


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Where & Why You Should Use Home Lighting Control

Where & Why You Should Use Home Lighting Control

There’s no denying lighting control is entertaining. By connecting your lighting fixtures to a smart home system, you’ll be able to turn on every light from your tablet or smartphone. Watch your entire house light up in one touch of a button or use a voice-activated speaker to command your lights with just a phrase.

But home lighting control offers more than just a fun party trick. Smart lighting connected to a system like Savant or Control4 can provide unique benefits to each area of your home. Continue reading to see where and why you should be using lighting control in your West Lake Hills, TX, home.

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Your home’s landscape lighting is much more impressive and useful when you go beyond an on/off switch. Through your Control4 or Savant app, you can create scenes specific for each time of day and schedule when they will activate. At twilight, the pathway lights will turn on at your entrance, and by sundown, all exterior lights will flick on and illuminate your outside areas. Then by the time you go to sleep, lights will conveniently turn off to save energy, or some can stay on till sunrise for security. If you incorporate color tuning in your lighting system, you can also play with colors, basking your walls in bright whites, blues, greens, reds, and more for festive fun.

Living Room

The way you light your living room should depend on the time of day and what activities you’re enjoying. A tunable lighting system allows us to adjust the brightness and temperature of lightbulbs. So, during the daytime, schedule your lights for a cool, bright appearance that will energize your mind and feel more comfortable than dim, warm lights. In the evening, your lamps and overhead lights can shift to warmer hues for a softer, cozier atmosphere. You can also create scenes to set the mood, whether it’s movie time or a reading session. Select the scene and watch each light dim, turn off, or adjust its color. 

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Why You Should Hire a Home Automation Installer

Why You Should Hire a Home Automation Installer

If you’d like to automate your home’s lights, security, audio, and more into one system, you may be wondering—can I install this myself? As smart home technology grows in popularity, we’ve seen more plug-and-play products pop up in stores. But will you be able to achieve the functionality and seamless integration you desire on your own?

You may be quite handy, but there are several things to consider before attempting DIY home automation. To see if you could benefit from working with a home automation installer in your Austin, TX house, consider the points below.

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Wiring & Safety

If you’re only planning to use a single, stand-alone device like a Nest thermostat, you can probably install that yourself. However, it’s much more complex when integrating multiple smart home systems like smart lights, alarms, multi-room audio, etc. For a clean aesthetic, you’ll want a professional to wire your system so that it functions reliably. Unless you’re qualified, it isn’t safe to wire a system yourself, so be sure to partner with an installer for help.

Home Security

Smart security is one of the most useful features of home automation. From automatic locks to surveillance cameras and alarms, you can protect your home even when you’re away. If you’re fitting a door entry system, this is not an area for cost-cutting. You won’t want to accidentally have a fatal flaw in a security system, and a professional will know how to avoid that.

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Control4 vs. Off-the-Shelf Smart Technology

Control4 vs. Off-the-Shelf Smart Technology

If you’ve read up on smart home technology, you may have come across conflicting suggestions and advice. Many people recommend a DIY approach with smart devices like the Nest thermostat, Ring video doorbell, and Phillips Hue lightbulbs. But most technology experts, including ourselves, consider these approaches to home automation weaker than a system like Control4’s OS 3. But why?

As a Control4 dealer in Austin, TX, we’ll shed some light on what makes Control4 many steps ahead of off-the-shelf gadgets. Continue reading to see how a smart home system will enhance your daily life.

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One Press of a Button

As more household objects become smart—from coffee pots to lighting fixtures— you’ll spot more smart gadgets in stores like Best Buy. You can bring home a smart speaker or a Ring doorbell and quickly plug-and-play. But the thrill of your new devices fades when you have to juggle different apps for every subsystem in your home. You won’t have an integrated home, but rather a disjointed experience that’s mildly inconvenient for you and completely inaccessible to visitors.

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An Introduction to Voice-Controlled Home Automation

An Introduction to Voice-Controlled Home Automation

Smart home automation might sound a bit futuristic to you from time to time. Simply pressing a button for your smart features to follow your commands is not only convenient and luxurious – it can also often feel completely surreal. So, imagine being able to say a command aloud, and your smart home system following your words.

Voice-controlled home automation makes this an everyday-ability in your Austin, TX living space. And a voice control system like is changing the game and making it easier for homeowners like yourself to speak a task out loud and have your home follow suit.

Want to find out more about and what it means for the voice control world? Just keep reading on below.


Why Voice Control? 

These days, voice-controlled home automation is becoming more and more popular. You might recognize wireless devices such as Alexa or Google Home. These are singular products you can buy at the store and bring back home.

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