Set Up the Best AV Installation in Your Restaurant or Bar

Set Up the Best AV Installation in Your Restaurant or Bar

You want to create an ideal dining atmosphere for every customer that walks into your restaurant’s doors. But how can you guarantee that guests will come through those doors in the first place? Then, how can you get them to return time and time again?

With a proper restaurant audio video installation at your Lakeway, TX business, you can boost your space’s entertainment and environment.  But installing a system like this can lead to many common mistakes – mistakes that can (and should) be avoided the first time around.

Keep reading below to learn how you can bring a top-notch system to your restaurant.




Stay with Your Restaurant’s Theme

When a restaurant’s tone is all over the place, it can be a signal for customers to steer away. Just like if the menu is a hodge-podge of different items and the food doesn’t match the décor, the audio video plays a crucial role in the customer’s perception as well.

You’ll want to play only the appropriate music and TV channels in your space. The right media content will create your restaurant’s brand and stick to it. With your audio video distribution system in place, it’ll be easy for you or employees to change the channels or playlists to make sure this stays on track.


Keeping it At the Best Volume

There’s nothing worse than a sound system that’s ridiculously loud – or in other cases, where you can’t hear it at all. If you have a sports bar area playing the latest game, then you certainly want to hear every play and commentary.

However, if you have a traditional dining restaurant, then customers aren’t going to enjoy eating their meal when they can’t even hear themselves speak.

With your AV system, you can save favorite settings for specific circumstances. If a game is on that night, press a button for the volume to stay at the loud level you’re looking for. Then you can easily make adjustments and lower it if need be.

Audio zones also help to divide your restaurant up into separate spaces. In the dining area where it’s quieter, you can have the audio play at a different level than it does near the bar or outside on the patio. This helps keep everyone happy and lets you appropriately assign the right volume to various areas.


Refresh Your Screens

With flat screens all around your restaurant, you surely want the best and most vivid content playing on them throughout the day. Don’t let a screen become inactive or show something that’s simply not engaging at all to your audience.

Have a staff member always refreshing the screens at intervals throughout the day, whether it’s flipping the channels or switching from a sports game, to a game show, or to a music video. Your system makes it easy to make these daily changes.

Using a touchpad, tablet, or any smart device, you can press a button to peruse through channels and other content so you can make your choice. The screens will stay lively for your customers without it putting stress on your workers attempting to figure out how to operate the system. It’s all a breeze with audio video distribution.


Want to learn more about bringing a top-notch restaurant audio video installation to your space? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you.


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