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Is your Office Security System Up to Date?

Is your Office Security System Up to Date?

Leaving your business or office after a long day of work should be a relaxing time meant for unwinding and resting for the next day ahead – not spent worrying about your company’s security.

You can keep a peace of mind knowing you’ll be informed of potential robberies, fires, and employee misconduct that can happen while you’re away.

Upgrade your Austin, TX office surveillance installation and you won’t have to stress any longer about your business’ safety.

These smart surveillance features ensure that your commercial property is well taken care of at all times – keep reading below to find out more.


Top-Notch Surveillance Cameras

Often times, people think surveillance cameras can’t do much for a situation until it’s too late and the damage is done.

But that’s simply not true with upgraded smart surveillance cameras.

By having cameras installed strategically around your office and property, you’ll be able to keep watch over every area and angle.

You have the ability to pan and tilt the cameras around, and zoom in when necessary. Installed motion-sensors will also pick up any movement or activity inside and out of the office.

And the moment anything suspicious occurs, you can have footage sent to your smartphone instantly. Look at your phone or other smart device and see the captured video from wherever you are – at work or home.

You’ll have the opportunity to react accordingly to any circumstance, with real-time updates sent to you immediately. Save videos for later or watch them the moment they’re recorded. Then alert the proper authorities or other needed help.


Access Control System

A keyless entry system for your office brings an extra layer of security to both the building and your employees. With a key card or individual code for each employee, you’ll have exact control over who enters and leaves your company at all times.

Check in to see who is the first to arrive in the morning, and who is the last to leave at the end of the day – that way you can keep track over who your office opens its doors to, eliminating any unwanted guests.

Smart locks on your office doors allow you to determine which areas and rooms are sectioned off from public access. This can ensure that important documents and assets are kept safe from theft.


Safety Alarms

Even with installed locks and cameras, some thieves won’t hesitate from breaking in. This is where your burglar alarm systems come into play.

When a window or door is broken down, your alarm can instantly sound off to scare away the robber and alert you simultaneously.

You’ll get a notification sent straight to your smartphone or smart device, with the system having already alerted the police to be sent straight away. You’ll stay in the know, but also can rest assured that help is immediately on its way.

A similar situation that only takes a minute to escalate is a fire. Having smoke and fire alarms in place is critical when it comes to your employees’ safety.

You have control over operating your alarm systems and can turn them on with a push of a button on your smart device – no matter if you’re at your office or just arrived home.


Want to learn more about securing your company with an upgraded office surveillance installation? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form. Our team would love to hear from you!


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