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The Smarter the Home, The More Reason to Hire a Professional

The Smarter the Home, The More Reason to Hire a Professional

Getting started in smart home automation with a few smart devices, like an Amazon Alexa speaker or a video doorbell, is an easy enough endeavor. But that isn’t really a smart home, is it? A true smart home incorporates many systems that work together automatically. We may not be able to have our homes cook for us, pick out our clothes, or clean for us as it was depicted in The Jetsons (yet). But your home can play music, turn on lights, lock doors, and lower blinds automatically or when told to, controlled by the same smart system.

So if you’re planning on building a smart home system, at what point should you bring in a professional home automation installer? Continue reading to see how a professional can bring your Austin, TX home into the future.


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Why Work with a Professional Installer?

As a single product, plug-and-play smart devices like the Phillips Hue smart lighting kits work well. But most people forget to look at the big picture of the smart home experience. The greatest problem with individual smart devices is that each has their own app interface. You’d be stuck on your phone or tablet, opening and closing apps to control devices that would probably be less time-consuming if they were ‘dumb’ and analog.

A professional installation will provide a single interface, like Control4 or Savant, for all of your smart technology. Additionally, a professional knows how to carefully plan and install cables and wires your system may need so that it won’t ruin the aesthetic of your house. They’ll also secure your system and remotely update the technology to protect against potential cyber-attacks. You’ll be left with a complete and efficient smart system that’s ready to use, right from your voice assistant or phone.

Who to Trust with the Job

If you’re now wondering who is qualified to install your smart home, look for a home technology company that is HTA-certified. The Home Technology Association only certifies companies with proven technical expertise, endorsements from manufacturers, background checks for all employees, and a trusted reputation. If you’re in the Austin, TX area, mero CONCEPTS is an HTA-Certified Luxury Company. There are HTA members across the nation, so you can find an integrator you can trust.

Ready to discuss your smart home ideas? Call mero CONCEPTS at (512) 375-3379 or submit our online form here. We look forward to talking with you!

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