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Choosing Speakers for Your Whole House Audio System

Choosing Speakers for Your Whole House Audio System

Have you ever noticed how much happier you feel when there’s music on? Picture the following two scenarios: First, you walk into a restaurant, and it’s completely silent besides the clatter of silverware and buzz of lights above. Now imagine a restaurant with your favorite song lightly pulsing through every room, just loud enough to enjoy while still able to chat. Suddenly, you feel like relaxing back in your seat with a drink for hours—or perhaps even dancing.

Your home will also come alive with a whole house audio system. Whether you prefer Billie Holiday, Billy Joel, or Billie Eilish, music will follow you from room to room, so you won’t have to stay wherever one speaker is located. But what speakers should you use to build a whole-house audio system? We share different speaker models to help you find the right choice for your Austin, TX, house below.

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In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers

The most elegant and minimalistic approach to whole home audio is the in-wall or in-ceiling speaker. You can enjoy high-quality background music at all hours without the bulky appearance of technology. Wires are hidden within the walls, and speaker grilles can even be painted to further blend into your décor.

Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are certainly more visible than in-wall models, but they offer generally higher sound quality. They’re still easy to rearrange and move and are small enough to place on, yes, a bookshelf, but also tables and countertops. 

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