Bring Family & Friends Together with Your Upgraded Outdoor Audio Video

A backyard setup featuring an outdoor audio video system.
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Create the Ultimate Inviting Outdoor Entertainment Space

Make your Lakeway, TX backyard the place to be this summer! With an upgraded outdoor entertainment space, you can feel confident that your backyard and patio areas can easily serve as the setting for any occasion this season. Host a variety of festivities and have your outdoor audio video do all the entertainment work for you!

Want to learn more about how you can create the perfect outdoor atmosphere for your next summer gathering? Keep reading below to see how top-notch outdoor AV makes all the difference - and how Mero Concepts can help!

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High-End Audio Video Across Your Property

An outdoor entertainment setup requires AV solutions that are on par with their indoor counterparts - but are also able to withstand everything the outdoors can throw at them while still performing optimally day in and day out! With high-end AV products, you can rest assured that every time you press play, you’ll hear crystal-clear audio and see stunning visuals.

Landscape speakers across your yard can blanket your entire property in high-fidelity sound, while 4K video displays can showcase vivid, life-like imagery in the bright sun or darkness of night. This high-end equipment will impress with its top-notch performance and can endure any harsh storms or intense temperatures that might come its way.

Managing this equipment is a breeze, too. Simply pull out your smart device of choice, whether it’s your smartphone, touchscreen tablet, or remote, and easily control every component of your outdoor entertainment setup. Lower your outdoor speaker volume and adjust screen brightness just as easily as you manage your indoor automated features, security system, and more!

An Immersive & Inviting Outdoor Setup

Create the perfect spot for friends and family to gather throughout the summer days and nights and well into the rest of the year! When you combine the right AV solutions into one centralized system, you can produce a unique entertainment environment fit for your backyard area.

Host movie nights and TV show premieres, turn on a film in the background for a backyard barbeque or pool day, listen to your favorite dance playlist, or catch up on an audiobook or podcast while you garden. With an extensive AV system, the options are endless for your outdoor spaces.

Integrated Landscape Lighting for Comfort

Why stop at high-end AV? With a professional outdoor installation from Mero Concepts, you can integrate landscape lighting across your property to ensure a cozy and cohesive outdoor setting. Now, as the sun begins to set, you and your friends can continue to enjoy your AV solutions well into the evening and night - never worrying about stumbling through the darkness to return indoors. Manage every aspect of your lighting just as easily with the same smart devices you’d use to control your outdoor AV!


Want to find out more about elevating your outdoor entertainment experience for this summer and the whole year? Give our team at Mero Concepts a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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