A Beginner’s Guide to Buying High-End Audio

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying High-End Audio

Have you been contemplating on bringing high-end audio to your Tarrytown, TX living space, but are unsure where you should even start in the process? It can feel overwhelming at first, which is why you should have our team of professional integrators handle your installations, but before you even get started, you need to ensure you are selecting the highest quality of equipment.

We’ll show you what to consider and which brands and products we recommend. Keep reading below for more.


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Know that You’re Getting High-End Audio

High-fidelity audio equipment delivers only the most exceptional listening experiences. When you hear it, you should know you’re listening to unparalleled sound and audio. So, what exactly makes it stand above the other standard systems?

Audio quality isn’t clear-cut. There isn’t simply low-quality or high-quality audio, but instead, various speakers that fall somewhere the spectrum between those two categories.

We’ve laid out some of the key factors you need to look for in a potential system, to ensure you’re getting the best quality for your home.

High-end audio includes these features:

  • Quality material: The material that a speaker is composed of has a huge impact on the quality of audio it delivers. For top performance, the materials shouldn’t shift and move easily, as that can cause audio distortion and other problems in the future. High-end audio speakers have material that won’t flex and will reduce these issues.
  • Not mass produced: If your speaker product is mass produced, then its quality is bound to be significantly decreased. The best speakers require a consistent design that is meant to produce impeccable audio. Mass production increases the number of possible defects and flaws in the speakers, and those will lead to poorer audio performance.
  • Sound quality like no other: When you play your speakers, you’ll know that they’re truly high-end from how even the first couple of music notes sound when you hit play. The simplest way to test the quality of a speaker is to play it in your own home, and see how the audio fills up your space and envelops you in incomparable sound.


The Brands for You

As smart home integrators, we are experts in the audio video industry. We know which high-end speakers work and which ones don’t.

That’s why when you work with us for an installation, we can recommend the top brands and products for your audio system, and find which ones meet your exact needs.

We highly recommend trusted brands like Revel, James Loudspeaker, and Sony. We have experience working with them and many other reliable brands that deliver quality equipment every time.

But every product deserves your approval – so the best way for you to get a feel for any audio system or speaker is to test it out in your own home and see how well it works with it. And once you’ve made your final decision, our team will be there for every step of the installation.

If you’re ready to bring high-end audio to your home, then feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We’d love to hear from you!


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