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3 Ways to Streamline Your Business with Boardroom Automation

3 Ways to Streamline Your Business with Boardroom Automation

The boardroom is where your most important meetings and presentations happen – so it’s impertinent that it also be a place designed for efficiency and productivity.

You can make every conference a breeze in your Austin, TX offices by bringing in top-notch boardroom automation. Installing quality smart technologies will elevate your business operations and help everything run smoothly and effectively.

Want to learn how these smart solutions can benefit you and your company? Keep reading below.




Set the Stage for Any Conference

Preparing for any type of presentation can be nerve-racking, much less if it’s for the whole company or for a significant client. But you can create the perfect setup in your conference room that will take away your pre-presentation jitters – and all by just pressing a single button.

Using your smart device or remote, you can easily set up a “scene” for your specific meetings’ needs. Push a button to lower your room’s shades and dim the lighting so that it’s just right for screen brightness and view. Or you can raise up the shades, let in the natural light, and create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone to listen to a speaker.

There’s also nothing worse than when a room is too cold or unpleasantly warm. It can be distracting for attendees and may result in noise and shuffling as they attempt to get comfortable. That same “scene” that adjusts your room’s lighting and shading can also bring the temperature to just the right degree. This is the simplicity you get with boardroom automation features and integration.


Audio Video Without Glitches

In this day and age, technical problems don’t quite cut it for an excuse as to why a presentation isn’t going well or has major delays. But if your boardroom has an unreliable audio video system, then you’re bound to run into some hiccups.

Avoid technical issues by installing the right AV equipment and integrating it into your entire automation setup. Once you’re ready to start the presentation or conference, you can press a button to lower your projector and screen.

A 4K screen is essential to make sure you never have a loading or buffering video image while talking to a client or fellow employees across the globe.

Ensure your audio is never garbled either with quality in-ceiling speakers delivering the sound evenly throughout the whole room. A microphone array installed in the ceiling will also guarantee a speaker’s voice is heard for even those in the way back of the room.

These AV components are easily managed by the same smart device you’d use for your system’s other automated features, making the entire meeting process a breeze for you and every employee.


One Centralized Source

Since you can control every aspect of your automation system from just once centralized source, this means your whole boardroom is connected. And that means you’ll have not only a continually reliable and consistent system that boosts your company’s productivity but also one that you can build upon as the years go by.

If you don’t want to include a smart thermostat or controlled lighting into your boardroom automation yet, you can wait and only integrate your AV and motorized shades. As you add more components to it, your system will function just as successfully with your new additions.

A fully integrated and connected system will help you streamline your business and keep things running effortlessly.


Want to learn more about boardroom automation and how it can make preparing for your company’s next meeting or presentation more accessible than ever? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. Our team would love to hear from you!


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